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Das esch's Video met em Beldmaterial usde SRF Serie "Aarekind". Guets Iitouche!
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Jan Oliver is a pianist, composer and actor who is based in Zurich. He began his musical path at an early age and devoted his first twenty years to the classical music. Seeking freedom in expression, he left the conservatory to set foot into a different world. After two albums with a major label and many concerts with his singer/songwriter project over the span of four years, he decided again that its time for a change. In Berlin and Los Angeles, he composed music for tv and film, performed as bar pianist and entertainer and eventually found back to his roots in Switzerland, where he began performing in musicals and theatre - a passion that he developed during his teenage years. Still following his call to his freest self as a human being and as a musician, he collaborated on a busking project and traveled through Europe to broaden his horizons in a yet unknown territory. 

Jan Oliver has always been navigating between his many passions and never wanted to settle for one thing. Within his journey, however, stands a pillar that has been holding his creative realm together until today: the devotion to the piano. 

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"Aarekind" is a collaboration with the Swiss National tv station SRF. Aarekind, "Aare-child", is a water-road-movie by Sandro Sabatini. It is a beautiful heart project around the longest within Switzerland running river named Aare and its children, the people who are living closely with the river.

I was very happy to write the soundtrack! You can download the main title song "Aarechind" via iTunes.

Der Löwe Der Nicht Schreiben Konnte

"Der Löwe Der Nicht Schreiben Konnte" is a musical for the whole family that will take place from November 6 2021 in the Bernhard Theater in Zurich. I am very happy to play the lion and i am looking forward to perform with an incredible cast!

Tales Of Now

"Tales Of Now" are piano improvisations that i recorded inside a camper during my busking year. The idea is that you can pause, take some time for yourself and relax into the moment with me and the sounds of the piano. You can find the improvisations here on my youtube channel.

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